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What to Expect


Our care at Health Edge is personalized and on your first visit, you will see that the NUCCA procedure is tailored specifically to fit your individual needs. A consultation will be conducted where you will have the opportunity to express your health concerns and health goals. Next, a very thorough postural exam is performed to determine if postural distortion is present. Some of the common signs of body imbalance that we measure are unequal leg length, unleveled hips and shoulders, upper body and head lean, etc. More importantly, we want to see how the imbalance of your spine and body is affecting your “nervous system.” Therefore, we use cutting edge computerized technology (Insight Subluxation Station), used by NASA and many professional sports teams/athletes (i.e. Denver Broncos, Brooklyn Nets, Olympic athletes, etc.) to measure exactly how your body is functioning and see where the different areas of stress are. This unique computerized technology is non-invasive and completely painless, and will be a strong indicator of how compromised your nervous system is.

Once the exam is completed, and we determine if you are a good candidate for care, very specialized three-dimensional X-rays are taken. NUCCA X-rays are unlike any other X-rays received by any other health care professional or any other health facility. The thorough analysis involved with these X-rays calculates precise measurements (down to 3/4 of a degree) of how the head and neck are misaligned. As a result, a specific formula is generated for the adjustment, unique to each person (like their fingerprint).

On your second visit, Dr. Armen will review the results of your tests, including your X-rays. If your head and neck are not aligned properly (determined on X-ray), this is a very serious problem that is affecting your present and long term quality of health. After reviewing your X-rays, you will receive your first NUCCA spinal correction. The correction itself is performed to the upper cervical/neck and typically feels completely underwhelming (NO TWISTING, POPPING, or CRACKING INVOLVED). It is a very gentle and safe adjustment, and if done correctly, the pressure applied is no more than the amount of pressure felt when the pulse is being taken in the wrist. Once the initial correction is made, follow up X-rays are taken to ensure the accuracy of the correction and verify that a reduction is being made. Dr. Armen will analyze these follow up X-rays and determine if the head and neck are balanced appropriately.

On your third visit, the doctor will discuss an appropriate follow-up care plan designed for your individual case and specific health goals. Because the correction/adjustment is so accurate, from all the information we have gathered, you are able to get more out of every correction/adjustment and therefore, we do not need to see you as often.

This specific, gentle chiropractic approach has helped numerous people with various health problems and health goals. At Health Edge Family Spinal Care, we do not treat a specific disease or condition. Our objective is to restore and maintain proper spinal health and nervous system function, facilitate the body’s natural healing process, and allow you and your family to have the best quality of life possible.

To find out how we can help you, please call Health Edge at 818-724-4352 or email us at DrArmen@HealthEdgeLA.com

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