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Pediatric Research

Research studies demonstrating the significant role Birth Trauma has on creating an upper cervical subluxation (misalignment) and spinal stress:

Dr. Gutmann, a German Medical Doctor, in the early 1980s studied 1,000 infants with birth trauma, and found over 80% of them had an upper cervical misalignment (upon X-ray and static palpation).

He also came to a conclusion that abnormal nerve function, caused by the upper cervical stress, may lead to a lowered immune system.The study revealed that infants who had an upper cervical adjustment showed improvements with

  • colic,
  • restlessness,
  • fever,
  • seizures,
  • postural scoliosis,
  • ear infections,
  • and tonsillitis.

Dr. Dunn, a Medical Doctor reviewed 6,000 cases of breech babies (baby’s buttock or feet delivered first) and found the following occurrences:42% developed Postural Scoliosis

  • 20-25% developed Torticollis, Mandibular Asymmetry (jaw problems)
  • 50% Hip Dislocation

Abraham Towbin, a Medical Doctor and expert in Pathology, did a study showing that “Spinal cord and brain stem injuries occur often during the process of birth but frequently escape diagnosis.

This often leads to something known as Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome, a primary cause of upper respiratory infections including ear infections and chronic tonsillitis.”

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