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Healthy Kids Initiative

As parents, we want the best for our children and want them to be healthy and live a productive, full life. At Health Edge, we created the Healthy Kids Initiative out of our concern about the health of children today, and how their daily lifestyle choices can directly impact their current and long-term quality of health.

Educating and Evaluating ChildrenKIDS 3

We see how common everyday bumps, falls, and seemingly minor injuries can cause imbalance in the way a child’s body functions and affect the child’s present and long-term quality of health. We are disheartened with the number of children who experience recurrent infections (i.e. ear infections), take multiple courses of medications, have behavioral issues that affect their peer relationships, family relationships, and school success.

We have seen countless children in the office grow and thrive. They stay healthy, and parents often report back that their child develops fewer symptoms, fewer colds, have fewer “sick” visits to the doctor, take fewer (if any) medications, have fewer behavior issues, miss fewer days of school due to illness, etc.

We do not believe these experiences are due to chance or luck but rather a result of the lifestyle these children and their families enjoy. Keeping their body free of spinal stress and supporting the body by making day to day healthy choices enables their growing body to continue working and functioning optimally. The Goals of the “Healthy Kids Initiative” are:

  • Educate – We intend to educate the children and parents of our community about the way their body works, the requirements their body needs to remain healthy, and how to make positive health and lifestyle choices.
  • Evaluate – The importance of early spine and nervous system evaluation cannot be overemphasized. We are so committed to making sure every child has the best opportunity for a healthy life, that we make the following opportunities available:

Complimentary NUCCA Evaluation

From Birth – age 12 years: Complimentary Health Evaluation and Scoliosis/Posture Screening

Dr. Armen may be available to speak to your play group, Moms group, preschool class, health class, or another venue.

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