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Why is it important for a child to get checked by a NUCCA chiropractor?

Kids Love NUCCA ChiropracticSimple answer: Children have a brain and spinal cord too, and should be checked to make sure they are in the right communication with one another.

Many people are surprised to learn that children need chiropractic care. Once you understand that chiropractors evaluate for spinal imbalance and compromise to nervous system function, it is easy to understand why children should be evaluated. Their spine and nervous system are, in some ways, more vulnerable during these early years. In fact, many of the injuries and accidents that cause subluxations (imbalance) occur in infancy or while they are toddlers.

Take the toddler challenge!

For the next week, observe your child – how many falls off furniture? How many head bumps on the coffee table? How many attempted forward rolls that end up with the head and neck in some stressed position? How many naps or bedtimes sleeping on the tummy? How many sports collisions? The list is endless and chances are these events occur multiple times each week, maybe each day! There does not need to be blood or bruising and the child can seem to “recover” quickly from the event. However, these are common situations which can be significant enough to cause the relationship of the head and neck to be compromised in a locked and stressed position.

For some children, the first injury can be caused simply by the positioning required for even normal and natural birth deliveries. A long labor, a baby who gets “stuck” (possibly due to mom’s imbalanced pelvis), a difficult birth – one with forceps, suction/vacuum cups, or a birth practitioner who unknowingly and with good intention twists the neck or pulls just a bit too hard to help the baby out. A newborn’s head and neck are delicate and it takes very little trauma to cause damage, and the majority of the time, these injuries are never addressed, undetected, and never corrected.

When the upper cervical misalignment is present in an infant, toddler, young child, or teenager, they will most often present with the following signs and symptoms:

  • Colic
  • Growing pains
  • Constipation
  • Projectile vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Acid reflux
  • Pain (neck, back, joint)
  • Irritability/moodiness
  • Scoliosis
  • Chronic ear infection
  • Poor posture
  • Frequent colds and flues
  • Fatigue
  • Allergies and Asthma
  • Learning difficulties
  • Bed wetting
  • Overly emotional behavior
  • Difficulty adapting to new situations
  • Motor delays
  • Restricted head and neck motion (torticollis)

Kids will fall and slip, and the body will automatically adapt to all this. Often times symptoms will not show up until a decade or two later. Our goal is to help kids adapt better to these stresses of everyday life, and encourage parents to NOT WAIT until symptoms are present to get checked.

KIDS 2The spine and spinal cord double in size in the first two years of life!

The spine and body are meant to develop in symmetry and research shows that a child’s spine (which houses the nervous system) doubles in size within the first 2 years of their life. A properly moving spine is required for normal health and development. Therefore, a lack of normal spine movement may interfere with the development of the spine with symmetry (equal balance) which can lead to many problems (short term & long term). Given the rate at which children grow and the number of possible injuries they may experience, it is vitally important to have a chiropractor take a look at their spine and nervous system periodically through their early years.

Most parents do everything they can to ensure their child’s health. However, more often than not, spinal alignment and nervous system health are overlooked and safe chiropractic evaluations are highly underutilized. At Health Edge, our goal is to help kids have the best foundation for the healthiest start in life. By removing the upper cervical misalignment and helping their body function optimally, it is possible that many of the typical childhood issues can be avoided.

What To Expect

The NUCCA examination for children is essentially the same as it is for adults, with a few modifications based on the child’s age and developmental level. Birth events and current health status are gathered, and posture and neurological function are evaluated. Also, the NUCCA correction is already extremely gentle in nature with no twisting, popping, cracking, or thrusting and with children, it is no different. Essentially, because the nervous system controls all that we experience and do, as a NUCCA doctor, we look to see if there is a problem with this system that governs everything. If that system is shut down due to a subtle injury in the upper cervical/neck area, the child may develop several health problems. Every human being has the right to be free of nerve interference, especially kids, so they never have to develop any problems. Remember, it is always better to grow healthy kids than to repair damaged adults.

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