What Is QSM3 upper cervical approach?

QSM3 (Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3D) was founded on the principles of traditional upper cervical chiropractic procedures. It is a noninvasive upper cervical technique with a gentle and effective approach. A QSM3 adjustment can free the body’s nervous system of any tension that may be triggering any nerve interference. This is an extremely unique and innovative chiropractic technique which measures the body 3-dimensionally, allowing doctors to formulate a specific treatment protocol for each patient.

A misaligned posture causes stress on bones, nerves, ligaments, and tissues throughout the body. The precise QSM3 analysis permits the doctor to identify what is holding your body in a distorted posture, and utilizes a specific algorithm to decompress “free” the body and reverse the breakdown.

Restoring the body to proper postural balance allows for better oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, tissues, and organs. The combination of poor posture and gravitational force on our bodies leads to compression and muscular imbalances, overtime leading to chronic health concerns. Some health issues that may result are headaches, migraines, back pain, TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, and many other musculoskeletal and neurological ailments. With the help of a detailed and accurate postural examination using the cutting edge Posture IQ, as well as x-rays if needed, each patient receives a unique correction to release built up pressure and restore their body’s ability to function properly. An accurate QSM3 adjustment enables the body to thrive and ultimately achieve a pain-free recovery. Alleviating the tension also allows you to build a stronger nervous system for a healthier and happier you.