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Dr. Armen is nothing short of a miracle worker! Before being under Dr. Armen’s care, I was in constant pain and life was miserable. I used to drag myself to work and just wish the day to be over. The pain down my leg for more than 5 years was so severe that I was not able to walk for more than a minute without taking a break. It was affecting my work, social life, and more importantly my sleep. Ever since I started NUCCA care, my life has completely changed for the better! I wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed and look forward to going to work and getting something accomplished. I also realized the heartburn attack I would usually get multiple times a week is gone!

– Joey M.

I feel amazing after starting NUCCA care. THANK YOU! NUCCA changed my life – I am going to register for a Zumba class and get back in shape from years of not being able to move freely. I am still amazed at how I almost cancelled my appointment to come in because I thought I needed a knee specialist. I couldn’t walk or get out of a chair without pain. One adjustment and I was walking with NO pain – I know my recovery was unusually quick – but my goodness I am pain free! Not to mention the tingling hands – GONE!

– Debbie T.

One of the toughest days of my life was when I found out I was diagnosed with MS over 4 years ago. I am a big runner, and I could not run anymore because whenever I did, I always felt like I was going to trip since my legs were starting to really give me pain and weakness. Medication after medication was not helping, and depression was really settling in. After hearing about NUCCA and seeking Dr. Armen’s care, it was the best decision of my life. Dr. Armen did a great job of helping me understand that the control centers for your overall body balance are located in the upper neck area, and my head and neck were way off! After my first adjustment, I felt different but the pain and weakness was still present in my legs. However, within the first 6 weeks of care, I noticed about a 50% improvement in the pain and weakness of my legs. It has now been 6 months since my initial adjustment, and the pain and weakness in my legs no longer exists! The best part about it is, I am back to running every day and am getting ready for a half marathon in 3 weeks!!! Thank you Dr. Armen and NUCCA for giving me my life back!

– Janice R.

I feel better than ever now and have no headaches. Dr. Armen balanced my body which has really helped me be the best player on my soccer team! When I grow up, I want to be an upper cervical NUCCA doctor!!!

– Kevin M.

After the very first adjustment, I am now a believer in miracles! In the last several years, I would normally take 4-5 pills per day to help with my pain. For years, I had been to countless doctors and no one has been able to help me. The day of my first adjustment, I took ZERO! I had the best sleep I’ve had in the last 15 years! I wish I started under NUCCA care 30 years ago before all this started.

– Patrycia S.

In the simplest way to explain it…Dr. Armen saved my life!

After experiencing mind numbing pain and frustration for hours, days, months then almost a year, I finally found Dr Armen who has and still is helping me regain my health.  Dr Armen has such a brilliant approach it will truly change your life.  He has the ability to communicate with you and make you feel that you really are in the best hands.  His careful approach and attention to the tiniest details allows you to not only understand what’s going on, but gives you the comfort in knowing that no matter what the situation might be, you will get better.

He takes an interest in you on a personal level which allows him to better understand your situation.  Also, he has the minor things taken care of with the presentable, clean, beautiful office. But the true results you get will make you realize how great he really is.

I could list every possible symptom I had but so many of us have such different experiences with our body it’s better just to trust that whatever might be going on, he can help

He helped me when I thought all hope was lost.

– A.M.

I suffered with terrible headaches, insomnia, severe neck & shoulder tension, sciatic down both legs, and numbness in both hands for over 30+ years. I was depressed and upset all the time and had given up hope. I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, and was given over the years lots of pain killers, neck traction, massages, and physical therapy…nothing worked. 2 different doctors recommended surgery but I refused. My colleague recommended me to Dr. Armen and said that he performed a specialty that very few doctors do and I was willing to give it a try. And I feel so blessed that I did! My life has completely changed for the better!

My headaches are gone! It feels like Dr. Armen has lifted the weight of the world off of my shoulders and it feels amazing. I am no longer taking pain killers and I perform so much better at work. I can work and enjoy life again. My body is working so much better.

NUCCA is an unbelievable procedure. If anyone suffers like I did with headaches, depressio

– Rudy A.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Armen for the past 3 months and I couldn’t be happier. He is an amazing professional not to mention he is the nicest and friendliest person ever! I’ve been suffering from TMJ for several years and went to thousands of Dr’s and they all pretty much told me I was gonna have to live with pain until I finally found Dr. Siman who is been treating me and he recommend me to see Dr. Armen. I’m not gonna lie, in the beginning I was very concerned with seeing a chiropractor for my jaw but I decided to give it a try because I couldn’t even open my mouth and I’m so happy I did. It’s amazing how our bodies suffer when you are not aligned, even if it’s just a bit and it’s even more amazing how fast our bodies respond when we get adjusted to the right alignment. I’m still not 100% but I can already open my mouth and it doesn’t hurt me anymore. I couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. Armen.

– Clarice C.

Dr. Manoucherian, D.C. is an amazing NUCCA practitioner! When I started seeing him a few months ago I had insomnia, addiction to sleep aids, acute inflammation and anxiety which are all getting better with the adjustments. The adjustments are subtle as he works only with the atlas bone so there is no spine cracking or harsh neck movements and that is another thing that I love about it. Every time I go for my appointments , Dr. Manoucherian is so cheery and upbeat. He takes his time and explains everything in terms I understand. The visits are relaxing and even fun. I look forward to them every week. He also has a machine that measures progress so if you are in doubt, he will show you with that device. It’s affordable, too, if you don’t have insurance. All around great practice. I highly recommend Dr. M if you are thinking about NUCCA for you and/or family and friends.

– Loraine P.

Before I met Dr. Armen or even knew about Nucca I should say, I had been dealing with post concussion syndrome for a little under a year. Every night I would go to sleep I would worry about what symptom I would have the following day(Brain fog, Anxiety, light sensitivity, headache or head pressure, feeling off) once i discovered Nucca it led me to Dr. Armen and after my first Nucca Adjustment I instantly noticed relief . I finally feel like I’m getting my life back and its only getting better and better Every time I see Dr. Armen! He is Very knowledgeable and truly cares for his patients . I cant thank him enough!

– Adrian R.

I have seen many chiropractors over the years. I got referred to Dr. Armen about two months ago. I am happy that I got referred to him because Dr. Armen is a great chiropractor. He is very friendly and I always feel at ease on an appointment. One thing I especially like about him is he listens and is observant and it really shows a lot of care. I have suffered chronic migraines for 8 years. Upper Cervical care was recommended to me. I’ve been doing the treatment for nearly two months. I personally have had really good results so far and I look forward to more progress. Anyone who has suffered migraines and has tried many different things, I recommend seeing Dr. Armen for upper cervical chiropractic treatment. It has given me good results where MANY other attempts to fix the migraines have not been successful.

– Jake W.

I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Armen! I look forward to seeing him for a number of reasons. I always leave feeling better, more relaxed and stronger because he aligns such an important part of my body. To top it off he is so gentle and is one of the most positive, caring and considerate people I have ever met. He is organized and efficient and thus is able to help more people. Every time I see him I am impressed with how knowledgeable he his and really appreciate the time he takes to make sure I understand everything. In addition to the physical help he gives me, he also educates me along the way giving me more control and certainty over my body. Personally I had some tingling and lightheadedness that was extreme and was a bit scary. The tingling is all gone and the lightheadedness that was coming from the area he treats is greatly improved. I highly recommend Dr. Armen! Thank you for everything.

– Linda R.

I have been going to Dr. Armen for a few months now. He is very encouraging of healthy spinal habits of everyday life. I always feel healthier for weeks after each visit. He was able to take my back situation and turn it around before gravity took it over for too long. I love his positive attitude, knowledge, and professionalism with the work he does. Definitely passionate about helping your overall health and every day life. Bonus: He has a good taste in music and plays it in the office.

– Aldon B.

Dr. Armen is a great NUCCA practitioner! As a NUCCA practitioner myself, I would trust no one else in the Glendale area with my alignment. He is caring and an all around great person. He is one of the reasons I am able to take great care of my patients. Thank you for all your great work and keeping me going.

– Nat E.

This review is long overdue! Dr. Armen is fantastic. I’ve been under chiropractic care in the past, but Dr. Armen is my first NUCCA chiropractor. It’s a whole new way to get adjusted and I love it. Dr. Armen’s explanation of how the alignment of the head determines the alignmnent of the rest of your spine was so simple and made so much sense. My primary issues have come from really tough workouts and I was constantly finding myself out of alignment and unable to recover as fast as I should. Once Dr. Armen started doing his thing, I feel like I can push my body and properly recover. I’ve always felt that health is about how I function, not just being pain free, and I’ve finally found a doctor who is alignment with me! (I know it was a terrible chiropractic pun, but I had to.)

– Chris V.

Dr. Armen is the real deal! If you’re looking to truly change your spine and ultimately your life you need to head on over to Health Edge Family Spinal Care. This place is truly a goldmine! A friend of mine referred me to this place and it’s truly been a transformative experience. I had been going to a Chiropractor for years. Nearly 15 years of the same thing week after week and the beauty of NUCCA is getting to the root of the problem, being the Atlas. The Atlas or C1 (upper cervical) adjustment is key to unlocking the spine and the ability to get results. Without getting the atlas in the right place, you’ll never see a change. It’s like putting a bandage on a wound without the adhesive. You might stop some of the bleeding but it’s clearly not addressing the issue. I could go on and on but to get to the point you need to get over to see Dr. Armen!!! End of story! God bless! 🙂

– Justin M.R.

I am originally from California, and travel back to see my parents often. Dr. Manoucherian is top notch. If you are looking for quality NUCCA care delivered in a very professional setting, go to him. He always helps me stay in alignment. He is hands down the BEST NUCCA chiropractor in the Glendale area. Thank you Dr. Armen for all you do!

– Kari W.

I was referred to Dr. Armen by my NUCCA chiropractor in IL. I wanted to continue my healing since I’ve received such incredible results with this practice. Since moving to LA, I’ve been going to Health Edge and it’s been great! Dr. Armen always has a positive attitude and takes the time to explain WHY I’m feeling pain in certain areas because of my specific misalignment. So far, I’ve referred my Dad and my sister (who will be getting her first adjustment today)! I will never go back to traditional chiropractic adjustments again. NUCCA is a LONG TERM SOLUTION for your spine alignment and the health benefits are invaluable.

– Niree K.

I have had disc bulges and spinal stenosis for most of my life, and have been under traditional chiropractic care for a chunk of those 25+ years. I first visited Dr Armen last year and the results have been beyond impressive. I’m a yoga teacher and have pretty much exhausted all the natural, homeopathic solutions to avoid surgery and pain meds. Dr Armen has been awesome to help me visualize and understand my problem areas, and has offer very high quality care in helping relieve the tension points. I’d offer more stars if I could.

– Vatche S.

I have had scoliosis ever since I was a young teenager and my back is pretty much always in pain. I’ve tried a bunch of different treatments and life style changes so that I don’t have to be in pain. Most treatments will give me temporary relief, maybe lasting for a couple of hours. But, after visiting Dr. Armen, I have been pain free for weeks on-end. It’s really incredible. Dr. Armen adjusts my neck using the NUCCA technique, which does not involve cracking, and from there works on aligning my spine so that I am straighter from head to toe and my spine muscles don’t have to spasm so much to compensate. Dr. Armen’s a great guy that really takes into account your personal well-being and I’m very happy to have found him. I’ve been visiting him for the past few months and plan to keep going back.

– Teresa E.

For six months I have received care from Dr Armen for a neck injury. By staying consistent with appointments my sciatic nerve pain, migraines, and neck pain have all gone away. I recommend Dr Armen’s care to everyone.

– Love J.

Dr. Armen is nothing short of a magician (although he probably doesn’t want me saying that because it’s actually hard work). I have suffered from chronic neck pain from a car accident for 14 years. It has turned my life upside down, causing constant headaches, insomnia, depression, and has forced me to stop doing many things that bring me happiness. I have been seeing Dr. Armen for about 4 months and his treatment has been life changing. While I still feel neck pain at times, it is not constant anymore and I am able to bounce back SO much faster. When I do something that typically causes neck pain (a long car drive for example), my recovery time is down to days or even hours when prior to seeing Dr. Armen it would take many weeks or even months to recover. This has given me back a piece of my life that I had given up so long ago because the pain and recovery time was too unbearable. I have been able to go on multiple family trips over the past few months – something I haven’t ever been able to do since the accident. Dr. Armen is talented, professional and also an all around good guy. I have seen upwards of 25 chiropractors since my accident with little benefit. This is a very different kind of chiropractic treatment and I’m glad I tried it. Another positive experience worth noting is that Dr. Armen is genuinely concerned about his patients and devotes much more time to each patient than anyone else I’ve ever seen. You will never be rushed through treatment or out of the office with a lobby full of waiting patients. He makes sure that you relax and rest for a bit after each treatment before you leave and this alone I believe has great physical and mental benefits. I very highly recommend Dr. Armen and I am very thankful and grateful for his help. I only regret that I didn’t find him sooner!

– Courtney L.

Dr Armen has to be one of the most welcoming people I have ever met. He has continually treated me for back aches and alignment due to car accidents, and I’ve made it a monthly ritual to see him at least once or twice a month. Thank you for all your help and advice.

– H. E.

Back Story: I have suffered from TMJ issues for 16 years. I’ve had three surgeries, and been to countless doctors and chiropractors. For the past year I was unable to open my mouth! I went to Dr. Armen very reluctantly. I was sure I would need surgery again. Do you know how hard it is to heal someone who doesn’t think they can be healed? Almost impossible. But SOMEHOW after one month in Dr. Armen’s care, my jaw finally opened. I have been pain free, clicking free, fully mobile, chewing beef jerky like it ain’t no thang, and I’m STILL improving. I’m full of energy, I sleep like a rock, and for the first time since BIRTH I wake up feeling rested. I have also all of a sudden become the most organized and efficient person in the world. I used to think I had ADD. But no, apparently Dr. Armen just had to fix a bone in my neck. He’s also just a joy to see. He’s a breath of fresh air. Always nice, happy, and bouncy. He makes my day. A very honest business man. I was doing so well, I wanted to get adjusted more often to speed up the process, He said it doesn’t work like that and straight up refused me. Now that I’m in tip top shape, HE was the one who told ME to now come even less frequently. He saved me. I would give him a thousand stars if I could.

– Sarah N.

With Dr. Armen there is no bullshit of normal offices i am dealing with. I call him and set up an appointment and show up. He is always a reasonable about my personal situation. I had extreme pain in the neck when i moved to LA and i would call him randomly to setup an appointment with unreasonable urgency. He would always accommodate me. Hell he skipped his lunches to accommodate my appointment when he didn’t have time to fit me in. He is super affordable and isn’t looking to grab every last penny in your pocket. Never did charge me late fee or whatever. During my wife’s pregnancy i asked him to help her out on a weekend. And came to the office just to treat her. Just a superb guy!

– Dj S.

Dr. Armen has changed my life. I’ve been seeing him for over a year now, and before my first visit in late 2013, I could barely even get out of bed. I woke up with the most excruciating pain in my neck, and the best way to describe it would be to say it was almost a debilitating – permanent – stiff neck, that wouldn’t heal with time. After a couple months of realizing my stiff neck and excruciating pain were here to stay, I knew it was something serious. I had been to numerous doctors, who gave me various types of heavy pain killers, muscle relaxants – you name it, and I’ve probably tried it. I was told that I had overactive muscles, and that the muscle relaxers would help relieve tension. Was there really nothing else that could help? Nothing could decrease the pain. I could barely move my head side to side, for many months. I had zero mobility. So you can imagine every simple daily task was more than painful – it was impossible. Eating was extremely difficult and uncomfortable, not to mention painful. I could barely pry myself out of bed, and felt like giving up completely. It was a living nightmare for months, until I was referred by my sister (who had previously been in a bad car accident) to see a NUCCA specialist. She had also been to numerous doctors, as well as chiropractors, until she discovered NUCCA. This gave her almost immediate relief. So I thought I would give it a try, even though it seemed too good to be true.

When I first walked into Dr. Armen’s office, I was literally leaning to one side. I’m 25 years old, and I appeared to have the posture of an 80 year old. After he took some X-rays, he was able to confirm that my head was 4 inches from where it should be. This frightened me, and he assured it wasn’t an easy fix – it would take some time to get back to normal, but that it was MORE than possible. I left his office with hope. After the next couple adjustments, I was feeling better mentally and able to eat more comfortably, like a normal person. These were baby steps, though. After each adjustment, I noticed slight changes in my capabilities. I was finally able take a shower comfortably. Before the adjustments, I could barely raise my arms up. I had even more hope. The more adjustments I had, the faster my body was able to adjust and adapt to normal living. Now I only need an adjustment once a month. I can’t begin to describe the real transformation here, because it’s sort of a miracle. I went from being bed-ridden, and being cared for like an elderly person in an old folk’s home, to being able to drive myself to these appointments. I get relief immediately after each adjustment, and it’s almost an enlightenment. I feel as though I can think more clearly, and that my mental state is just as healthy as my body. I feel as though I’ve recovered about 85%. It’s really about maintaining the adjustment, and making sure that I don’t live one day out of alignment, so my body doesn’t fall back.

Plain and simple, my overall health & wellbeing has improved remarkably. I can plan for my future! I really can’t thank Dr. Armen enough for genuinely caring about his patients. He’s the only doctor to date, on a list of about a hundred specialists, who has truly cared about my health. I’m able to sleep better, have much more energy, and am MUCH more capable throughout the entire day, everyday. Whereas before NUCCA, I was not able to brush my own hair. I have much less pain, and some days I don’t even think about it. NUCCA is truly a miracle, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Dr. Armen has given me my life back!

– Ashley M.

If you are looking for a doctor that truly cares about the health of his patients, is passionate about his field of work and is knowledgeable about NUCCA, look no further than Dr. Armen. He will take the time to understand your ills and will thoroughly discuss ways that his care can help you. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Armen!

– Dion N.

Dr. Armen Manoucherian is the best NUCCA chiropractor in Los Angeles I have visited. He saved me from a lifetime of neck and back pain after I thought I would never find a cure. I highly suggest everyone to pay him a visit…not only for pain, but to live a more balanced life. NUCCA will help you sleep better, walk straighter, stand taller, and elevate your general quality of life.

– Ray A.

Dr. Armen is amazing!!! He’s very interested in what ails you and will help you within his power!!!

I started coming to Dr. Armen during my third pregnancy. After the birth of my first child, I couldn’t walk for a week. Then I had pains in my pubic bone area for several months that gradually went away. During my second pregnancy, I would have these pains return to the point that I had difficulty rolling over in bed and there were times I had to resort to crawling to move around!! I was in immense pain and went to a typical chiropractor that I was referred to by my OB and was diagnosed with osteitis pubis. They recommended fusing my pelvic bones together!! Ummm… I only feel this way during pregnancy so NO!!! I endured the pain and the pain lessened after childbirth and gradually went away again.

So 3 months into my third pregnancy, I started to recognize the symptoms again. I started to get shooting pains down my legs and there were times that I could not lift a leg since it was too painful. Mind you, this is coming from someone who delivered two children unmedicated so I can handle pain. This time I was going to be proactive. I sought out NUCCA specialists and Dr. Armen said he had never heard of my predicament before but was willing to try to help me if I wanted the help. He was also the only NUCCA practitioner that did not require an X-ray. So I figured I had to try and, after the first visit, I no longer had issues with lifting my legs and no longer felt the shooting pain down my leg!! I am currently 6 months into my pregnancy now but am able to walk thanks to Dr. Armen. The pain is not completely gone and I know that it’s because he only does a cranial release and does not do an adjustment and my body is also causing the self-adjustment to go away since I am pregnant but I CAN WALK WITH MINIMAL PAIN!!!

My advice to anyone who has ailments that thinks the whole NUCCA philosophy is a hoax is to TRY IT. You never know!! I definitely did not regret coming here!!

– Christine S.

Dr. Armen is first and foremost an honest and caring person. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Armen in Virginia for 2 years. His passion for helping others reach their optimal health is unparalleled. I have been under NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic care since 2002 with numerous doctors across the country. I was definitely lucky to be working with such a great NUCCA doctor because Dr. Armen was able to get my body aligned and, with regular check-ups, was keeping me balanced for long periods of time….something that I had not been able to obtain until his care. Now that we both practice in the great state of California, I get checked whenever I am in Southern California.

Thanks again Dr. Armen for taking such great care of me over the years!

– Allen H.

If you need a knowledgeable doctor who actually cares for his patients, Dr. Armen is your best bet! Working at a doctor’s office, we have referred our patients who will benefit best from his specialty in upper cervical chiropractic care (NUCCA). I, myself, have been experiencing all kinds of aches and pains, and I understand the need and importance of having a doctor who carefully listens and really spends time with you. Dr. Armen is just that! — Very attentive and dedicated to providing the best care for his patients. We are proud to work with such a humble and skillful doctor and our patients have been very thankful and pleased with the results! Thank you, Dr. Armen! We appreciate all your help! 🙂

– Kevin M.

Dr Armen is a great professional and truly cares for his patients. I love his approach to chiropractic and every time I leave his office I feel better and optimistic. A snowboarding accident back in college left me with a bad back that flares up and gives me horrible spasms. I’ve gotten the Health Edge under Dr Armen’s care and have experienced a significant decrease in the back spasms I used to get. Thank you Health Edge Family Spinal Care. He’s always got cool tunes playing as well.

– Haik A.

Dr. A is pretty much a miracle worker AND he’s super a nice family guy! My Grandmother had scoliosis, my Dad has scoliosis and guess what? so do I! I have had Chiropractic adjustments ever since I was a little kid. My neck and shoulders really became an issue as a teen and I tried several different Chiropractors in different states through my time as a young adult moving for work and school. By the time I hit my 30’s, working full time as an artist with two kids and a couple of car accidents behind me, my neck was pretty much always in pain and my shoulders were perpetually stiff. I got to the point that it took me 15 mins to get out of bed because my neck was hurting so badly after sleeping. The Chiropractor I was seeing only provided relief for a couple of days and was trying to tell me I wouldn’t improve unless he saw me 2x a week…forever! Who has the time and $$ for that?! I thought, “I’m still young, there’s no way I’m broken.” A CST recommended I see a NUCCA Chiropractor. Upon meeting Dr. Armen, he set goals for a series of several visits over 6 weeks with the goal of eventually tapering down to only seeing him once every 4-6 weeks. I had never heard of a Chiropractor who wanted to be needed LESS! Within a few months, goal achieved! I have been seeing Dr. A for a little over a year now and he has literally changed my life. 10 years of daily neck pain..gone! I regularly go pain free for weeks on-end. It’s incredible. Not only is he an amazing Chiropractor, his enthusiasm and upbeat attitude is contagious. He’s always going to seminars and striving to learn and do more. Plus, he loves to talk about his little kids and hear about mine! If you have chronic pain, go see Dr. A, he will make your life better!

– Gina C.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Manoucherian for many years and have even worked alongside him doing NUCCA chiropractic. Never have I met anyone with more integrity and passion to get his patients well and find the true cause of their suffering. I have seen this first hand as I am a patient of his and even drive to LA from Orange County to get checked or adjusted. Being in alignment is extremely important to me so I thank you Dr. Armen taking care of me over these years.

– Brian C.

Dr. Armen is a great Upper cervical Chiropractor. I came in to see him, having jaw pain and headaches. After seeing him for a month, my jaw pain has disappeared and my headaches are diminishing as well. I’m so grateful for coming in to see him. Dr Armen is very friendly and welcoming. If anybody suffers from jaw pain you should give nucca care a try. You’ll be glad you did.

– Nancy B.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Armen saved my neck. After getting rear ended I got constant migraines, something I NEVER had before. A few months in, my migraines are gone. They’re the absolute best!!!!

– Karina H.

Dr. Armen Manoucherian & Dr. Mike DellaCorte are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TEAM in the chiropractic profession.

Health Edge Family Spinal Care offers the most advanced, cutting edge chiropractic techniques, coupled with a staff who truly cares for each and every patient’s individual needs.

Both doctors, (besides being incredibly talented and educated), also have no ego, and due to this fact, work together seamlessly.

Each doctor respects the other’s unique talents and as a result, the patient is the real winner here.

Rest assured, once you enter Health Edge Family Spinal Care, ALL of your needs are addressed with precision and heart.

In my case, having a moderate scoliosis that has caused me quite a bit of problems, I have been to dozens of chiropractors in the last 20 years.

Yet, I have never felt “at home” constantly moving from one clinic to the other.

I’ve finally found my home.

I’d like to add: EVERY ONE of my friends whom I referred to Health Edge Family Spinal Care has never looked back and all are extremely grateful for the healthcare they have received from these incredible doctors.

I couldn’t recommend them enough.

– Doug A.

I was recommended to try Health Edge Family Spinal Care by two different friends and might I say I’m thrilled that I did. I’ve been going to Dr. Armen for approximately 4 months now, addressing issues involving headaches, and lower back pain. Most chiropractors try only one method of fixing the problem, but Dr. Armen takes the time to try different methods of relieving the pain and discusses with you, changes you can make to your diet and physical activity to help keep the pain away… so you won’t have to keep coming back. She’s there for you, to help get you back to your same happy, healthy self again.

The entire office staff is friendly and encouraging not to mention extremely knowledgable.

I do have to pay out of pocket for the office visits, but I can personally attest to the fact that it is 100% worth the money. Don’t get me wrong, I am a broke college grad with student loans up to the clouds, and yet I still can afford this expense, because you get more than just a quick adjustment at Health Edge, you gain a professional who’s willing to use sate of the art practices to set you on the right path and help see your health to fruition.

– Mariana C.

I began experiencing ocular migraines (no pain but visual disturbances) since GWB was in the White House. For the last five years they have occurred like clockwork, once a month. Even though I initially went to Dr. Armen in hopes of improving my unstable blood pressure, I began to realize that for the 10 months that I have been going there I have had only two migraine episodes . Because of those incredible results I have decided to continue getting quarterly alignments.( I should be so kind to my car, right?) I don’t use the word amazing a lot but Dr. Armen is that and more!

– Ramona S.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Armen. I took my 6 month old to see him after reoccurring ear infections and upper respiratory issues. My doctor told me it was time for tubes. After a few visits with Dr. Armen Manoucherian, my son never had an ear infection again (he’s almost 3) and when he gets sick, everything drains line fine plumbing and he is well within 2 days. He is the only child out of my three who was not diagnosed with asthma. After our visits, we put away the nebulizers and the doctor visits were limited to annual check-ups. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and proactive, he is also caring, professional, and honest. I feel fortunate to have found him!

– Alinne A.

Not much of a yelp reviewer but Dr. Armen deserves one! He has helped me overcome a lifetime of lower back problems and am now more active than ever. I continue to see him when I can just to keep my body in the best possible physical shape. His love for NUCCA (type of chiropractor care) and his clients is what sets him apart from the rest and makes him the best!

– Nick H.

So I’m writing this review for my mom who started seeing Dr. Armen recently. She’s had back pain since I was little because of a car accident and she never really got help to fully take away her pain. But she started seeing Dr. Armen and her pain is gone and she is really happy with the results. He is also super nice and patient. It’s definitely worth the money and the drive over to Glendale and she highly recommends him.

– Sabrina B.

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia in 2009. I’d been through countless various therapies and had taken enormous amount of pain pills, anticonvulsants, muscle relaxants, etc. My visits to the neurologists and urgent cares were frequent. I was desperate for relief. I tried acupuncture, different types of massage, and even sought remedy from “curanderos.” My search for comfort was of no avail until I found out about NUCCA from a support group. Then, I met Dr. Armen.

It is not hard to notice Dr. Armen’s good soul for it easily transcends to his mission of helping people like me. He truly cares. His passion to what he does is incomparable. He is very competent. His knowledge of his craft is certain.

With NUCCA, my pain attacks and medication intake greatly decreased. For the first time in four painful and fearful years, I feel hopeful.

– Darwin N.

In the simplest way to explain it…Dr. Armen saved my life.

After experiencing mind numbing pain and frustration for hours, days, months then almost a year, I finally found Dr Armen who has and still is helping me regain my health.

Dr Armen has such a brilliant approach it will truly change your life. He has the ability to communicate with you and make you feel that you really are in the best hands. His careful approach and attention to the tiniest details allows you to not only understand what’s going on, but gives you the comfort in knowing that no matter what the situation might be, you will get better.

He takes an interest in you on a personal level which allows him to better understand your situation.

He has the minor things taken care of with the presentable, clean, beautiful office. Easy access from wherever you might be. But the true results you get will make you realize how great he really is.

I could list every possible symptom I had but so many of us have such different experiences with our body it’s better just to trust that whatever might be going on, he can help

He helped me when I thought all hope was lost.

Thank you Dr. Armen.

– Mac M.