The NUCCA technique specifically focuses on the head & neck junction. The integrity of the head & neck junction is vital and can alter the way your brain controls your muscles and interprets pain. NUCCA provides the body a foundational platform for feeling & functioning better.

What is NUCCA?

NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) is a highly advanced procedure within Chiropractic, which focuses on the 1st bone (upper cervical region aka craniocervical junction) in the spinal column, called the “atlas,” and its relationship with the head and spinal column below.

The atlas bone surrounds and directly attaches to the brainstem, the most delicate portion of the central nervous system. Within the brainstem are control centers for posture, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, hearing, vision, body balance, sleep, mental function, digestion, hormone balance, and many more. The brainstem is basically your personal fuse box. This makes the upper cervical/upper neck region of your spine the most nerve-rich area of your body—and the most vulnerable. Even the slightest nerve interference here can have significant, whole-body consequences.

For this reason, the upper cervical area is undoubtedly the most critical area of the entire body. Proper alignment and movement of this upper cervical/neck is absolutely an essential “nutrient” that drives & powers the brain and “charges” its batteries. The NUCCA treatment ultimately allows your personal fuse box to thrive and stay on its “A” game so it can do what it does best…prevent pain & maintain optimal health!

Thorough Examination

Our upper cervical adjustments rely on precise mathematical calculations, physics and a thorough knowledge of spinal biomechanics. Naturally, having pictures of your spine is essential.

A Gentle Touch

A specific, highly-controlled contact to the upper bone of your spine is the focus of your correction. Adding the appropriate force to your spine at the right time, the right place and in the precise direction helps restore integrity to your spine and nervous system.

Compensation Reaction

Many people are surprised that we adjust the upper area of the spine when the primary complaint could be elsewhere. Here’s why we do it: When the atlas region has displaced and lost its integrity, other areas of the spine compensate, creating symptoms in other areas. By helping restore this critical relationship, we often see compensatory problems elsewhere in the spine resolve on their own.


Dr. Armen Manoucherian is 1 of approximately only 300 doctors in the country trained in the NUCCA protocol and specialized in detecting and correcting this very small & complex misalignment, which leads to so many health challenges if left untreated.