In the simplest way to explain it…Dr. Armen saved my life!

After experiencing mind numbing pain and frustration for hours, days, months then almost a year, I finally found Dr Armen who has and still is helping me regain my health.  Dr Armen has such a brilliant approach it will truly change your life.  He has the ability to communicate with you and make you feel that you really are in the best hands.  His careful approach and attention to the tiniest details allows you to not only understand what’s going on, but gives you the comfort in knowing that no matter what the situation might be, you will get better.

He takes an interest in you on a personal level which allows him to better understand your situation.  Also, he has the minor things taken care of with the presentable, clean, beautiful office. But the true results you get will make you realize how great he really is.

I could list every possible symptom I had but so many of us have such different experiences with our body it’s better just to trust that whatever might be going on, he can help

He helped me when I thought all hope was lost.