This doctor is amazing. I started going to him at the recommendation of my general practitioner, when I told her I was in the midst of a 2-week long migraine (Ironically, not my longest running headache…) I went not understanding what this Dr. does, or how it would help me with my headaches, I just went out of desperation because I had literally tried everything, and nothing had worked.   This office focuses on a very specific type of chiropractic care: NUCCA, which focuses on the upper neck/head area. Therefore, I went to visit this miracle healer.

I was kind of confused by Dr. Armen’s enthusiasm for his work: how many people in the healthcare industry are excited, let alone passionate, about their work? But, this guy is definitely excited. He usually comes bounding out of his office super excited to work with you and fix you.  I guess we spend so much time being treated by jaded, robotic healthcare providers that when one is actually excited/capable, it seems like a departure to meet someone who actually enjoys his practice?

I told him my symptoms, mostly very low energy, low attention span, severe headaches that last for weeks, and mostly, I couldn’t get myself energized enough to stay awake through the day: and that’s NOT me. I’m a high energy person, so these symptoms were definitely a departure.

After a 1.5 hour initial appointment with him where he asked me every symptom I’ve ever had, he did a couple of x-rays (in-house) that measured the alignment of my head on top of my neck, which sets off the spine, and then the nerves that go through the spinal openings.  He then spent another hour or two (after I was gone) building a profile that incorporated my symptoms and my x-ray results to determine how many millimeters my spine was off, and where.  You can actually map your physical symptoms (anything from kidney problems to ADHD) according to where your spine is off.  Science is so cool!!!

I have now been treated for 2 months and I haven’t had a headache since my second week, my energy is through the roof, cognitive skills are back, and I now get it.  It sounds cheesy, but this man has changed my life. I went from having to take a nap every 3 hours to being on call & high energy for at least 20 hours at a time (that is my normal.)

As an added bonus, for some reason his treatments have helped my allergies, so much so that I have been able to stop taking daily medications.

I can actually tell when my spine is off because I feel like I’m dragging, can’t focus, and I get the starting symptoms of a migraine (usually a funny metallic taste in your mouth.)  Dr. Armen is always accommodating and gets me in right away, checks out my spine and fixes me to get me on my way to world domination.

I can see why this Dr. specialized in NUCCA. He’s very precise, he’s very holistic, and very patient. and he’s a humble genius.

– S. K.