One of the most difficult things a new mother can go through is to see her new baby in pain.  Acid reflux in babies is a common problem that causes pain and other symptoms.  The most common symptoms include excessive vomiting, cough, gagging, choking or refusing to eat, crying when eating and heartburn, gas or abdominal pain.  Babies may also have colic, restricted growth, breathing difficulties, and they may have pneumonia that keeps coming back.  It is a challenge for mothers and babies that is very difficult to overcome.

Causes for Acid Reflux in Babies

There are many suspected causes for acid reflux in newborns and babies, and most common treatments include acid reduction medicine.  However, there is increasing evidence that birth injuries and trauma may be a possible cause.  The reasons for birth injuries or trauma can include long births or extremely fast births, C-sections and posterior positioning during pregnancy and birth.  Birth is a difficult process for the mother, so we often forget about the immense amount of force being put on the baby as it moves down the birth canal, leading with its head.  This can put a large amount of pressure on the spine and result in misalignment which can cause acid reflux in babies.  Although birth injuries are not often considered when diagnosing and treating acid reflux, if your baby has already been diagnosed and is not benefiting fully from medication or other treatments, a chiropractic evaluation should be considered.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic for Babies

Upper cervical chiropractic is a specialized branch of chiropractic care that focuses specifically on certain joints in the neck and upper spine.  More and more parents are finding that their babies respond positively to upper cervical chiropractic care to treat their acid reflux.  The optimal alignment can cause instant results.  Many parents report that after starting care, their constipated babies have bowel movements and experience relief of abdominal pain.

Is It Safe?

Every medical treatment carries its own list of risks and benefits.  If your baby is already on medication for acid reflux, you already know this first hand as some of your babies’ symptoms have improved while drug side effects have appeared.  Many studies and medical organizations support the use of chiropractic treatments on babies and children.  As with anything, you should use your own judgment and be sure to do your research before committing to any particular treatment.  If your baby has been diagnosed with acid reflux and you are looking for an alternative to medication, speak with an upper cervical chiropractor about your baby.

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