One of the toughest days of my life was when I found out I was diagnosed with MS over 4 years ago. I am a big runner, and I could not run anymore because whenever I did, I always felt like I was going to trip since my legs were starting to really give me pain and weakness. Medication after medication was not helping, and depression was really settling in. After hearing about NUCCA and seeking Dr. Armen’s care, it was the best decision of my life. Dr. Armen did a great job of helping me understand that the control centers for your overall body balance are located in the upper neck area, and my head and neck were way off! After my first adjustment, I felt different but the pain and weakness was still present in my legs. However, within the first 6 weeks of care, I noticed about a 50% improvement in the pain and weakness of my legs. It has now been 6 months since my initial adjustment, and the pain and weakness in my legs no longer exists! The best part about it is, I am back to running every day and am getting ready for a half marathon in 3 weeks!!! Thank you Dr. Armen and NUCCA for giving me my life back!

– Janice R.