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Meet Dr. Armen Manoucherian

I began studying chiropractic with great passion and my own health crisis lead me to become a NUCCA upper cervical doctor.

Migraines. Neck pain. Dizziness. I found myself suffering all of these at the worst possible moment: during times of intense studying while attending Cleveland Chiropractic College.

These attacks left me so fatigued, I began to lose hope that I was going to find the answer to my problem. And for me, this was pretty ironic, because I had come to Cleveland Chiropractic College knowing the power of chiropractic to help the body heal with all of these health challenges.

So, I found myself traveling to different chiropractors, medical clinics, and specialists trying to understand why my body was breaking down so quickly.

And I didn’t find my answer, until I discovered something called upper cervical chiropractic care, specifically NUCCA—or the technique of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

Though I was a chiropractic student, I was off to Orange County to visit my NUCCA doctor for my first upper cervical correction.

It was under NUCCA care that I found the healing I was truly seeking.

My headaches and dizziness began to melt away in the first month. Within three months I noticed that I had a lot more energy throughout the day, and I no longer felt the need to take an afternoon nap. This was a great change from months earlier, when I was afraid of falling asleep at the wheel driving home from school.

My quality of life had changed with that first upper cervical correction! I knew that I needed to provide NUCCA care to my hometown of Glendale, and the greater Los Angeles area.


Since that first upper cervical correction, I have spent many years studying the NUCCA approach to spinal care, including post-doctoral internships. I have seen over and over again how upper cervical chiropractic care improves the lives of so many, on both a physical and emotional level. For this reason I am very active in continuing education and active in NUCCA Board Certification.

I am now back in my hometown, and my practice is conveniently located in Glendale, central to many Los Angeles neighborhoods, and outlaying communities.

I keep it simple. The healing powers within your body are incredible. You live your life through your nervous system. There is 100% life in your brain and that life flows through your upper cervical region, spine, and nervous system. You should be checked by an upper cervical chiropractor to make sure there is no interference and limitations to that system, so that you and your family can have the health edge and express your full potential.

I love what I do! To see people’s health problems resolve and lives improve consistently is so rewarding and fulfilling. I am passionate about getting people well in a way few other doctors are trained to do. Give NUCCA a chance, and you’ll be glad you did.

You are invited to ask me a question, request a consultation, or read some of my patient success stories.



  • Doctor of Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic College of Los Angeles, California 2009
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 2004

Post-doctoral clinical work

  • 2 year Internship in Upper Cervical Care, Chesapeake, Virginia (with Dr. David Packer, NUCCA Board Certified)
  • 2 year Associateship in Upper Cervical Care, Newport Beach, CA (with Dr. Glenn Cripe, NUCCA Board Certified)

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