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Meet Dr. Armen Manoucherian

Meet Dr. Armen Manoucherian

“I began studying chiropractic with great passion and my own health crisis lead me to become a NUCCA upper cervical doctor.”

Hello, and thanks for visiting my practice online. I want to tell you about the migraines, neck pain, and dizziness I suffered with for many years. I found myself dealing with all of these debilitating health concerns at the worst possible moment. So, I traveled to different chiropractors, medical clinics, and specialists to figure out why my body was breaking down so quickly.

Well, I didn’t find my answer, until I discovered something called upper cervical chiropractic care, specifically NUCCA—or the technique of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

Today I am a NUCCA chiropractor with a practice in Glendale, CA, serving the advantage to all kinds of people, with a special passion for helping families and children. To learn more about me, my history, qualifications, and WHY I do what I do, keep reading here.

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