The Common Understanding of Tourette’s Syndrome

The common understanding within the research community is that Tourrete’s Syndrome is caused by a genetic disorder. Though, there are primarily two reasons that this disorder cannot always be transmitted through genetics.

The first is that 15% of all people who suffer from it do not have any genetic links. The other reason is that there are variations in character, course, and degree of severity of TS. Genetics alone cannot explain those variations.

Though, research also suggests that such things as head or neck trauma may also be the cause of Tourette’s Syndrome. Primarily, head or neck trauma that one may undergo early in life, such as during the perinatal period. Though, it may also happen due to a fall or other injury that can trigger tics immediately or after a period of time.

A Research Article on Tourette’s Syndrome

In a research article in The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, and Family Health, a 14 year old boy with Tourette’s Syndrome missed two days of school. The days following his absence he went to the hospital due to the severity of his motor tics.

Due to his head’s constant whipping motion he was described as having “1,000 violent motor tics a day”. Those tics contributed to an onset of severe fatigue and daily migraine headaches.

All of this led his parents to seek relief for their child by placing him on 1 Mg of Orap ® (Pimozide) per day, 6 Ibuprofen pills, and 10 mgs of Abilify ®.  Though, the relief they sought for their son only came after they decided to get to the source of his tics.

Once they decided to seek the care of an upper cervical chiropractor, their son began to experience the relief all of the medication in the world could not give to him. He reported a reduction in the number of tics he experienced per day, after 30 visits to an upper cervical chiropractor in 5 months. He also reported that the more he sought this type of care that focused on restoring communication from his brain to his body via the brainstem the less he depended on his medication.

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