Too Many Acid Reflux Prescriptions

ABC news recently reported that medical doctors are frequently over medicating babies for acid reflux.  New guidelines published in the journal Pediatrics say doctors and parents need to take a closer look before deciding on medication.

The report goes on to say the new recommendations call for lifestyle changes first. Those include changing positions when feeding, or giving many smaller meals a day, rather than several larger ones.  Mothers who are breastfeeding should also adjust their diets, to eliminate spicy foods.

Medications, such a proton pump acid reducers like prilosec, should only be used for GERD, when complications arise.  And surgery should be the last option, reserved for children who are at risk of life-threatening complications.  The report in Pediatrics suggests there may too many children on medications, with the risk outweighing the benefits of them.

Birth Injuries and Acid Reflux

While lifestyle changes such as those listed above are great first option, the next option should not be medications or surgery.  ABC news failed to discuss a common cause of acid reflux in children.  During the birth process a misalignment can occur in the upper neck that will change the communication between the brain and the body leading to a variety of different problems, including acid reflux.

Two medical doctors from Europe have done extensive research into upper neck problems in newborns and how that relates to the health of children. Dr. Gutmann was researching the connection all the way back to the 1960’s… in 1987 Dr. Gutmann published his research linking the upper neck to problems ranging from acid reflux to scoliosis, ear infections, torticollis, colic and many other common childhood conditions.

Dr. Biedermann also has published extensively on this subject and published his findings in 1992. Between the 2 medical researchers they have studied over 1000 newborns and have observed a very high incidence of upper cervical misalignments on x-ray. Gutmann found over 80% in his study had problems in the upper neck that needed to be addressed! Birth trauma was the most common cause. Forceps delivery, vacuum extraction and even just normal birthing methods with a woman flat on her back rather than in the standing position where gravity can work, can be an extremely traumatic experience for the head and neck of a newborn.

Upper neck misalignments can be corrected in babies safely, gently and effectively with an upper cervical chiropractic approach such as NUCCA.

If you have a child that’s been diagnosed with acid reflux, before considering giving medication to your baby have their upper neck evaluated for a traumatic birth injury.  Look for the cause of the problem rather than just covering up the symptoms.

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