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Specific. Unique. Life-Altering.

Our Innovative Approach

We set the standard of excellence in chiropractic care by serving our community in a compassionate & professional manner in an inviting, fun, and personable environment. Health Edge doctors are elite providers and highly specialized in procedures such as Upper Cervical Chiropractic care, Active Release Technique, and Movement Therapy. We believe in a team approach and we strive to target the underlying source of your health problems, not the “effects”. By focusing on structural correction & balance, and implementing specific strategies to help your body move optimally, our results speak for themselves. People often travel long distances for our unique & precise approach to spinal care, and are glad they did. Bottom line: we listen, we care, we get results!

Our Mission

We use state of the art technology to gain deep insights into your progress as well as use cutting edge techniques to restore full function of the spine & nervous system, and ultimately help your body thrive. We want to help you do the things you love to do with little to no limitations.

Our Philosophy

When your body is properly aligned and moving optimally, you function & feel better. Our science-based approach is safe, precise, and gentle, allowing your brain and body to have a clear connection, relieving pain and helping you to regain the life you love. Our role as chiropractors is to make simple corrections & adjustments that allow your remarkable healing potential to unfold. When you operate at your full capacity, you’ll be capable of incredible things!

Our Commitment

Health Edge doctors are committed to helping you find real answers, and if we can’t help you, we will connect you with someone who will. We understand each person is unique. Therefore, we strive to provide an authentic experience for anyone who wants our help. It is our passion to offer you an opportunity to do more than just feel better occasionally – instead we offer an opportunity to be better all the time.


The following are some of the amazing benefits & improvements patients report experiencing…

  • Decreased Pain

  • Improved Motion & Flexibility
  • Better Coordination & Balance
  • Optimum Athletic Performance
  • More Energy & Vitality, Better Mood
  • Less Tension/Stress
  • Better Quality of Sleep
  • Improved Focus, Cognition, and Mental Clarity
  • Better Digestion & Better Elimination
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Fuller Breathing
  • Posture feeling more Open, Relaxed, Grounded, and Taller

I feel better than ever now and have no headaches. Dr. Armen balanced my body which has really helped me be the best player on my soccer team! When I grow up, I want to be an upper cervical NUCCA doctor!!!

– Kevin M.

I feel amazing after starting NUCCA care. THANK YOU! NUCCA changed my life – I am going to register for a Zumba class and get back in shape from years of not being able to move freely. I am still amazed at how I almost cancelled my appointment to come in because I thought I needed a knee specialist. I couldn’t walk or get out of a chair without pain. One adjustment and I was walking with NO pain – I know my recovery was unusually quick – but my goodness I am pain free! Not to mention the tingling hands – GONE!

– Debbie T.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Armen saved my neck. After getting rear ended I got constant migraines, something I NEVER had before. A few months in, my migraines are gone. They’re the absolute best!!!!

– Karina H.